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Welcome to Spotswood Primary School

Kia Ora! Bula! Talofa! Malo! 

Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the opportunity to find out about our school.

Spotswood Primary caters for a very diverse group of learners from the western side of New Plymouth. We are proudly multi-cultural, currently having students from 17 different nationalities on the roll. We are very experienced in providing for students with English as a second language. We are an official International school so can cater for students from overseas who are coming to New Zealand to specifically learn English.

Students learn in vibrant classrooms from enthusiastic teachers supported by a significant level of teacher aide input, specialized support programmes and ICT.

As an Enviroschool we have a strong emphasis on learning about our fabulous natural environment. We make use of our nearby beach and mountain and have a small lake and developing stand of native bush on site.

While ensuring that all our students reach their potential in literacy and numeracy, we also provide many opportunities for students to experience a variety of sports and arts.

We consistently encourage and model aroha, korero and ora as our key values.

Please explore our website to find out more about the school we are so proud of.


Spotswood Primary School

The word 'bullying' is used widely.  Bullying Free NZ defines it as follows:

Whether bullying is physical, verbal, emotional or online (cyberbullying), four widely-accepted factors can be used to identify it:

  • Bullying is deliberate - one person intentionally causing physical and / or psychological harm to another.
  • Bullying involves a power imbalance - an actual (or perceived) unequal relationship, for example physical size, age, gender, social status, or digital capability and access.
  • Bullying is usually not a one-off - it is repeated over time, with the threat of further incidents leading to fear and anxiety. People may bully one person many times, or different people each time.
  • Bullying is harmful - the target experiences short or long-term physical or psychological harm (for example, as a result of coercion or intimidation).
Spotswood Primary School